Why do we exercise?

When we peel back all the layers and get to the core ‘why’ it’s longevity.

Let’s talk longevity. I can confidently say 99% of people don’t want to die and want to age gracefully. Gracefully meaning, be able to walk, talk, eat, etc… The common things we all take for granted. But as we age we can lose them, unless we do something about it. I would much prefer to prevent than to rehabilitate, but this is a whole different topic we can dive into at a later date.

What I wanted to share today were 5 longevity tips that will help you age gracefully.

1. Lift heavy things 2-3 times per week

2. Sprint once a week

3. Play often

4. Challenge your mind

5. Mobility, 10 minutes per day


These are my longevity mantras.

Committing and Consistency is the key.

The first step?

Coach Matt

If you have any questions about what you just read or would like to start your journey of aging gracefully. Reach out and I would be happy to help.

Three weeks into 2022. Are you making progress on your New Year’s goals?
Goals are powerful tools. When I was training for upcoming marathons, setting weekly goals helped keep me motivated every day. Without those goals, I would have lost hope of the big picture.
Yes, goals are incredibly powerful, BUT…
I think there’s a more powerful tool than a goal, a habit.
“Habit” is the secret to achieving the goal. Habits, as you know, can be both of the good or bad variety. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit and one day to break it… That’s harsh when you think of it and it should NOT put you off.
And if you’re ready to REALLY step up and make progress to a better you? Our 28 Day Kick Start Challenge offers powerful tools to incorporate into you today. You must embrace them on a day to day approach to improvement, performance, increased recovery and pain-free living.
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Stay strong and see you on the inside.

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Peter has made a massive effort and it shows. Winning my PT superstar of 2021.
Constantly pushing forward and striving to achieve his fitness goals. Peter’s strength, exercise form and muscular endurance has improved substantially since day one and will continue to improve. Slow and steady wins the race, this particularly rings true when Peter is in the gym, he works very hard during his workouts and is very mindful and coachable. He also asks a lot of questions and strives to continue to learn about different movements in the gym as well as nutritional habits when he’s not in the gym lifting weights. It is a pleasure to see Peter grow in and outside of the gym.
Keep the intensity up Peter, we have a goal to achieve! Now it’s time to buckle down and get sweating, with our focus shedding those extra kilos before March.
Proud of you Peter!
A lot of people set unrealistic goals. 

They ask what their goals should be and how long should it take. I don’t care about any of that. It’s gonna take what it takes.

While it sounds vague in light of the promises of other fitness fads, it’s actually the best advice an honest coach will give you. Fitness is a life-long journey that isn’t working if you only do it seasonally.

Getting in shape or reaching ‘your goal’ is easier than you think, but takes longer than you think. That’s where many people go wrong because we’re told the fastest way to success is to increase the intensity as much as possible…
Yet, suffering in a class run off a TV or pounding yourself at the gym is also a sign that you’re doing things your body hasn’t been prepared for. Don’t get me wrong I love a high-intensity workout, it’s one of our core training foundations; LIFT, SPRINT, & PLAY

The coaches at Live Well offer something that’s meant to carry you for decades. We aim to ‘make getting old look easy’.
It’s sustainable and customisable. Because we know it’s natural to overestimate what we can do in a few months and underestimate what we can do in a few years, we do our best to place you at the right starting point and pace you accordingly.

80/20 Rule

While it’s true that some people need to follow a highly restrictive meal plan to manage a chronic condition, it’s also true that for many people, excessively restrictive meal plans can be counterproductive.

This is why I’ve always advocated for the “80/20 rule” when it comes to meal plans.

80% of the time, you stick with a completely clean, nutrient-dense plan, and 20% of the time, you can relax around these guidelines.

The exact ratio is not important—for many, it might be more like 90/10 or even 75/25, but the point is that most of us will benefit from some flexibility built into how we approach food.

For example, when I go away I try local cuisine and have few martinis and enjoyed some delicious desserts.

I have a great time eating these foods as it’s part of the fun—and the relaxation and stress relief that comes with it.

Another example is that a few times a month, I might have a couple of pieces of Zarta. I’m not gluten-intolerant, and my two boys love it and to be honest, I do too but limit on how much I consume.

It’s more like 85/15 for me, but again, the exact ratio doesn’t matter. It’s the flexibility and ease that counts.

Age Gracefully

Last week I celebrated my 40th birthday. It wasn’t the celebration I had planned for a milestone birthday being in lockdown and all, however my wife, Simone, and family made it a special one.

It made me reflect on what I’d achieved in the past decade and start to think about what I could achieve this decade… Something I hadn’t yet thought of.

Aging is inevitable. But just because you hit 40, or 50, 60, 70, or 80 does not mean you need to accept a life of aches, pains, and gained weight.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to take your foot off the accelerator and cruise the rest of the way.

If you want to age well and continue doing the simple things in life without assistance you have to think about how you eat, move, sleep and breath.

The best part is, regardless of how old you are, it applies to you. Because we all get older.

Watch the chaos dwindle in importance

This lockdown feels like a marathon, but like all Marathon’s they do come to an end.

We’re coming towards the final stage, so keep pushing. Keep doing the right thing. Keep lifting those heavy things, eating healthy meals, going for walks, stimulating your mind, and loving your loved ones. Maintain your social circle, even if it’s not in person. Call, or even FaceTime your parents and grandparents and kids. Maintain these things and watch the chaos dwindle in importance.

Staying healthy will make you more resilient in the face of an immune challenge, but also because personal health will make you more resilient in the face of any challenge that comes your way. And I suspect we will all be dealing with challenges, regardless of how this all plays out. That’s the way life goes: it’s a series of challenges. That’s what makes life exciting.


The couch stretch sucks! Use this version instead
The classic couch stretch is renowned to be the solution for relieving tight quads and hip flexors. The problem with the couch stretch is people often have trouble controlling the relationship between their pelvis and ribcage being aligned, when this relationship between the two is broken, this can result in photo 1 which will actually tighten the low back and hip flexors more due to the weight dumping forward, doing the opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish.
Instead, set yourself up in a tall half kneeling position facing the wall, place your hands against the wall and use that as a constraint, this will shift your weight back into your ribcage so it sits directly under your pelvis. Lastly scoop your hips under, now you’re properly aligned from ribcage to pelvis.
While in this position, with each breath out (think ‘fogging the glass’) press your hands into the wall to reach your shoulder blades forward while maintaining that hip tuck, to create space in the back of your ribcage.
2 sets of 5 breaths (focus on a nice 5 second exhale) and see what happens. Comment below how it went compared to the original couch stretch

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