Why do we exercise?

When we peel back all the layers and get to the core ‘why’ it’s longevity.

Let’s talk longevity. I can confidently say 99% of people don’t want to die and want to age gracefully. Gracefully meaning, be able to walk, talk, eat, etc… The common things we all take for granted. But as we age we can lose them, unless we do something about it. I would much prefer to prevent than to rehabilitate, but this is a whole different topic we can dive into at a later date.

What I wanted to share today were 5 longevity tips that will help you age gracefully.

1. Lift heavy things 2-3 times per week

2. Sprint once a week

3. Play often

4. Challenge your mind

5. Mobility, 10 minutes per day


These are my longevity mantras.

Committing and Consistency is the key.

The first step?

Coach Matt

If you have any questions about what you just read or would like to start your journey of aging gracefully. Reach out and I would be happy to help.

Three weeks into 2022. Are you making progress on your New Year’s goals?
Goals are powerful tools. When I was training for upcoming marathons, setting weekly goals helped keep me motivated every day. Without those goals, I would have lost hope of the big picture.
Yes, goals are incredibly powerful, BUT…
I think there’s a more powerful tool than a goal, a habit.
“Habit” is the secret to achieving the goal. Habits, as you know, can be both of the good or bad variety. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit and one day to break it… That’s harsh when you think of it and it should NOT put you off.
And if you’re ready to REALLY step up and make progress to a better you? Our 28 Day Kick Start Challenge offers powerful tools to incorporate into you today. You must embrace them on a day to day approach to improvement, performance, increased recovery and pain-free living.
For more info click below 👇👇👇
Stay strong and see you on the inside.

Quit, Pivot or Thrive?

When things aren’t working out, you can easily blame or look for sympathy from others. Your emotions then send you on a rollercoaster which can translate to wrong decisions.

It would be best to learn how to navigate through the rollercoaster ride so you make the right decisions. This will involve shifting your mindset. Only then will you thrive.

Last year during the nationwide lockdown, one of our members went through this exact process. It resulted in a dramatic transformation. She shifted her mindset and thrived. You can watch Penny’s amazing story below.

I am sure it will empower you during these frustrating times.

Stay committed, healthy and have fun!

Matt Mazzaferro

Live Well would like to welcome Georgina to the team!
Georgina has completed a degree in Human Movement and is in the final stages of becoming a qualified Exercise Physiologist.
Looking to train with Georgina? If you aren’t sure where to start or how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals try our intro offer for $40!!!
Live Well case study: Pregnancy & Training
When I fell pregnant I was initially hesitant about continuing my training…
My goals were to improve my overall strength and lose some centimetres off my midsection, which I was able to achieve with weekly PT sessions.
When I fell pregnant I was initially hesitant about continuing my training, but Chris was very reassuring and was able to tailor my programs to suit each stage of my pregnancy, and was really guided by my changing needs and capabilities each session.
Chris knew that I would need to support my growing belly, but also to prepare my body for breastfeeding, holding a baby, and juggling a pram, baby and shopping at the same time!
As I’m notoriously lazy, none of my friends could believe I was still training while pregnant, and even I surprised myself training up until 37 weeks! That in itself is a testament to how much I enjoy my sessions!
Taking care of one’s physical and mental health is so vital as a new mum, so once I got into a bit of a routine with my baby, and after lockdown, I was happy to get back to the gym six months postpartum. The Live Well team consistently go above and beyond to help their members achieve their goals, and the community is so encouraging and friendly.
Congratulations to our Quarter Three Huddle Champ
Congratulations to Ash who was our Quarter Three Huddle Champ and took home a Rebel Gift Voucher.
In the last 3 months Ash has:
-Lost 3.3kg
-Dropped 4.5cm of her waist
-Reduced body fat around the stomach, arms and upper back
Ash has committed to the lifestyle and incorporated resistance training into her weekly workouts and the results are showing!
If you or someone you know resonate with Ash give the team at Live Well a call on 9587 4100 or text ‘ready to commit’ to 0410 482 730 and let us help you get started.
Lifting weights can improve your aesthetic goals
Jenni & Ash are a prime example of how lifting weights can improve your aesthetic goals as discussed in our latest blog by Coach Allan.
Over the last 8 weeks consistent strength training coupled with a conscious approach to nutrition habits has seen Jenni maintain her weight and lose centimetres off her waist and belly button as well as dropping body fat and Ash drop 2.5kg and 3.5cm off her waist.
Building strong, consistent long term habits is the key, and being held accountable by those around you plays an important role in the success you will have. By teaming up with like-minded people the road is still hard, but made that little bit more enjoyable.
If you or someone you know resonate with Jenni & Ash give the team at Live Well a call on 0410 482 730 and let us help get you moving to a happier and healthier life.