Watch now: Mental Wellbeing and Resilience with Silvia de Ridder

Missed last week’s webinar on Mental Wellbeing and Resilience with Silvia de Ridder?

Silvia’s short session covered the following:

  • What is resilience and why does it matter?
  • Understanding the elements that make up resilience
  • Provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and learn from each other

You can watch the webinar now.


Age Gracefully

Last week I celebrated my 40th birthday. It wasn’t the celebration I had planned for a milestone birthday being in lockdown and all, however my wife, Simone, and family made it a special one.

It made me reflect on what I’d achieved in the past decade and start to think about what I could achieve this decade… Something I hadn’t yet thought of.

Aging is inevitable. But just because you hit 40, or 50, 60, 70, or 80 does not mean you need to accept a life of aches, pains, and gained weight.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to take your foot off the accelerator and cruise the rest of the way.

If you want to age well and continue doing the simple things in life without assistance you have to think about how you eat, move, sleep and breath.

The best part is, regardless of how old you are, it applies to you. Because we all get older.

Life is Tough, But You Must Be Tougher

It’s true. Starting a fitness plan will lead you on THE MOST POWERFUL personal development journey ever.

One day you’re facing big challenges. The next day you’re crushing them.. And winning everything. Then a month later… you’re tackling the next challenge, like LOCKDOWN to continue to the next level. Again and again and again. This is not only in your fitness journey but also in your career path and parenting.

Embrace it all. Because it doesn’t get easier the further you progress. The problems and challenges get bigger, but you get the opportunity to continue growing stronger and more powerful with every turn.

Sounds fun? I believe there’s nothing better than the journey!

Keep growing and stay committed to your success!

Coach Matt

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And breathe…


Wow! What a year! A global pandemic, who saw that coming…?

Despite all this 2020 has still been highly successful. We have seen clients reach milestones, achieve monumental goals, and we have welcomed more fantastic people into our fabulous community.

Our community, where do we start….you are all amazing!

Your unwavering faith in us has helped make 2020 a truly memorable year.

With the Live Well community in our corner we knew we would bounce back and be stronger than ever post lockdown.

“Together we are more” has never been more evident than it has been in the last 12 months.

So from our Live Well family to you and yours; thank you for everything, enjoy your holidays season, look after yourselves and each other, be safe and be kind.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Love from Team Live Well

Always finding ways to better support our community
Each month the Live Well team invite a health and fitness expert to our team meeting to educate us on how to better support our community.
This month we were lucky to have Mindfulness Coach Adrian Spears come in and discuss how to better support the community with mental health issues and advanced goal setting.
Adrian treats people face to face and virtual and specialises in depression, addictions, relationships, anger/stress management, anxiety loss and grief.
Watch now: Mental wellbeing and resilience with Silvia de Ridder

This Mental wellbeing and resilience webinar is a short, yet powerful session, Silvia will give you some great tips to help you find balance and cope with the most stressful situations.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is resilience and why does it matter?
  • Understanding the elements that make up resilience
  • Provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and learn from each other

About Silvia
Silvia de Ridder is a well-respected business, executive, organisational coach, facilitator and trainer. Silvia works at all levels of an organisation ranging from business owners, senior executives, new managers, individuals and teams.  Silvia is an accredited practitioner in emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing and works with businesses, individuals and team supporting them to be at their best.


THE most powerful conversations are the ones we have in our head each and every day.
I’m scared.
I don’t want to do this.
This is too hard.
I am a strong and confident.
I embrace hard things because they make me better and stronger everyday!
I love solving problems!
THE most powerful conversations are the ones we have in our head each and every day.
And when you’re not waking up with enthusiasm, then this IS a huge opportunity in personal growth for you.
Look, I KNOW the challenges in life can be scary.
But I also know that you must have courage, faith, belief and attack your fears to grow.
Where should you begin?
Start with the way you talk to yourself each day.
Here’s the equation:
Programming → Beliefs → Attitudes → Emotions → Actions → Results.
Where are you getting stuck?
Where do you need to fix the input to produce a better output?
Most people get stuck in either
A) negative attitude
B) processing difficult emotions. This clouds their judgement and holds them back from taking the action required to move forward.
When that’s the case, back up, take a deep breath…
fix your programming…
build up your beliefs…
and you’ll soon find yourself smashing through walls that once held you back.
Keep moving forward!
Why Balance is essential for your Exercise Routine

Like anything you work towards in life, be it work related or health related, results often take time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Thinking specifically about exercise and health, whilst some lose weight quicker than others, there’s one common trend that must be taken into consideration along the way. During the process and during the at times, “grind”.

What I’m referring to is the balance we adopt. Everyone’s lives are different. Whilst some are heavily involved socially and/or with family, or have a time-demanding hobby, others may be more available with time outside of work. But if we focus too heavily on one thing – be it our time in the gym, or time away from it – the balance will affect our different states of health.

We all aim to be physically healthy, but what’s often neglected is our mental health.

Repetitively doing the same thing can often cause resentment. So if we relate that to fitness, ask yourself a few simple questions:

When was the last time you updated your workout program?
When was the last time you tried a new exercise you’d never done before?
When was the last time you asked someone for advice?

Small Business Owners – R U OK? – Support is available via Beyond Blue and Heads Up

The teams at  Beyond Blue and Heads Up   have created a great range of resources to offer you the support you need to ensure that you can maintain your mental health during tough times.

Moreover they are providing generic information on the Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service website which is updated regularly.
The following articles may be relevant for you and your team

There are also the following free services available 24 hours / 7 days a week for all Australians

  • Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service  Phone 1800 512 348
    If COVID-19 has you feeling concerned about your wellbeing, our dedicated coronavirus mental wellbeing support service is available any time of the day or night

Based on your specific needs, our trained counsellors will provide advice and information, and will direct you where to turn for further support. You have access to the following:

Also available from the team at  Heads Up are resources for Small Business