Why do we exercise?

When we peel back all the layers and get to the core ‘why’ it’s longevity.

Let’s talk longevity. I can confidently say 99% of people don’t want to die and want to age gracefully. Gracefully meaning, be able to walk, talk, eat, etc… The common things we all take for granted. But as we age we can lose them, unless we do something about it. I would much prefer to prevent than to rehabilitate, but this is a whole different topic we can dive into at a later date.

What I wanted to share today were 5 longevity tips that will help you age gracefully.

1. Lift heavy things 2-3 times per week

2. Sprint once a week

3. Play often

4. Challenge your mind

5. Mobility, 10 minutes per day


These are my longevity mantras.

Committing and Consistency is the key.

The first step?

Coach Matt

If you have any questions about what you just read or would like to start your journey of aging gracefully. Reach out and I would be happy to help.

Age Gracefully

Last week I celebrated my 40th birthday. It wasn’t the celebration I had planned for a milestone birthday being in lockdown and all, however my wife, Simone, and family made it a special one.

It made me reflect on what I’d achieved in the past decade and start to think about what I could achieve this decade… Something I hadn’t yet thought of.

Aging is inevitable. But just because you hit 40, or 50, 60, 70, or 80 does not mean you need to accept a life of aches, pains, and gained weight.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to take your foot off the accelerator and cruise the rest of the way.

If you want to age well and continue doing the simple things in life without assistance you have to think about how you eat, move, sleep and breath.

The best part is, regardless of how old you are, it applies to you. Because we all get older.

How has live well helped our members during lockdown?
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Life is Tough, But You Must Be Tougher

It’s true. Starting a fitness plan will lead you on THE MOST POWERFUL personal development journey ever.

One day you’re facing big challenges. The next day you’re crushing them.. And winning everything. Then a month later… you’re tackling the next challenge, like LOCKDOWN to continue to the next level. Again and again and again. This is not only in your fitness journey but also in your career path and parenting.

Embrace it all. Because it doesn’t get easier the further you progress. The problems and challenges get bigger, but you get the opportunity to continue growing stronger and more powerful with every turn.

Sounds fun? I believe there’s nothing better than the journey!

Keep growing and stay committed to your success!

Coach Matt

Fat loss and what YOU need to do!

Losing fat is not easy. If it were easy everyone would be fit and healthy. We are all busy individuals in this crazy world. Everyone needs to work, so how come some people do it better than others? The issue that comes up is human habit and comfortability. Keep in mind that this does not apply to everyone, some people work 40-50 hours/week which makes it a lot harder to get into the gym, however, you can still make it work!

It is easy to sit on the couch and watch television whilst eating ice cream, on the other hand, it requires huge mental fortitude and hard work to bring your heart to 170 BPM on the assault bike after a long day of work (the positives to this is better sleep and appetite i.e. the more you exercise the more you can eat! If you love food like myself, this is a massive bonus). The first couple of steps towards fat loss include:

Make time. Just do something! 10-15 minutes of jogging/walking, a little bit of yoga/balancing work, cooking healthy meals. Actively working towards better health and your goals.

To read more visit https://livewellfitness.com.au/latest-news/2074/fat-loss-and-what-you-need-to-do/

Alex’s Journey
Alex initially entered Live Well to gain an understanding of exercise and a flame to kick start his fitness journey. He wanted to lower his cholesterol, loose his stomach fat, and maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle.
In conjunction with his shift work and nocturnal working hours, we had to find a balance between recovery, functionally, and just feeling good!
After 3 months at Live Well – training twice a week, he can confidently say he feels great! Additionally, he understands how his body moves, especially on the gym floor. The combination of cardiorespiratory exercise to prepare his heart and lungs; and strength training with time under tension to prepare his muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the acclimation period has assisted in how Alex functions in and out of the gym.
The progressive overload approach was utilised in order to allow room for optimal growth and reduce the risk of injury. It’s not always about what the results say on paper, but the exercise and nutrition education that will stick around forever.
THE most powerful conversations are the ones we have in our head each and every day.
I’m scared.
I don’t want to do this.
This is too hard.
I am a strong and confident.
I embrace hard things because they make me better and stronger everyday!
I love solving problems!
THE most powerful conversations are the ones we have in our head each and every day.
And when you’re not waking up with enthusiasm, then this IS a huge opportunity in personal growth for you.
Look, I KNOW the challenges in life can be scary.
But I also know that you must have courage, faith, belief and attack your fears to grow.
Where should you begin?
Start with the way you talk to yourself each day.
Here’s the equation:
Programming → Beliefs → Attitudes → Emotions → Actions → Results.
Where are you getting stuck?
Where do you need to fix the input to produce a better output?
Most people get stuck in either
A) negative attitude
B) processing difficult emotions. This clouds their judgement and holds them back from taking the action required to move forward.
When that’s the case, back up, take a deep breath…
fix your programming…
build up your beliefs…
and you’ll soon find yourself smashing through walls that once held you back.
Keep moving forward!
How are you going right now..?
I don’t know how things are going for you right now.
Maybe you’re doing awesome.
Maybe you’re at a low point and struggling to work through some challenges in front of you.
Either way…
This too shall pass.
And here’s what I mean by that:
It’s all too easy to get sucked into the emotional roller coaster that is just really the nature of life!.
Especially when you’re working hard, giving it your all, and doing everything you can to make your dreams come true.
But the reality is you’re NOT your best day.
And you’re NOT your worst day.
You are the average of ALL of those days put together.
Which means, regardless if you’re winning or losing, the MOST important thing is to always:
Keep a level head, stay humble and stay hungry!
Keep doing the right things needed to consistently move forward with your goals
When you do those 2 things… then you’ll ALWAYS be on the right track.
No matter what the scoreboard in life says today.
Coach Matt – live well health & fitness studio