Talk about progress!

January 2021: Caitlin came to Live Well fresh off a knee reconstruction to repair a torn ACL
Fast forward to October 2021 and Caitlin’s progress has been outstanding!
Over the past 9 months, Caitlin and Coach Niall have worked through the various stages of rehabilitation for Caitlin’s knee.
Caitlin has worked consistently hard over 9 months to develop her control and strength in her knee, including power based jumping movements and has even managed to start running again in recent weeks.
Rehabilitating from major surgery isn’t always an easy process but Caitlin’s consistency following her training program and trusting the process has seen her make amazing progress in just 9 short months!
Well done Caitlin!!
If you resonate with Caitlin and want to discuss how we can help you with your training goals call 0410482730 and one of our friendly coaches will be happy to chat about how we can best help you.
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