Why Balance is essential for your Exercise Routine

Like anything you work towards in life, be it work related or health related, results often take time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Thinking specifically about exercise and health, whilst some lose weight quicker than others, there’s one common trend that must be taken into consideration along the way. During the process and during the at times, “grind”.

What I’m referring to is the balance we adopt. Everyone’s lives are different. Whilst some are heavily involved socially and/or with family, or have a time-demanding hobby, others may be more available with time outside of work. But if we focus too heavily on one thing – be it our time in the gym, or time away from it – the balance will affect our different states of health.

We all aim to be physically healthy, but what’s often neglected is our mental health.

Repetitively doing the same thing can often cause resentment. So if we relate that to fitness, ask yourself a few simple questions:

When was the last time you updated your workout program?
When was the last time you tried a new exercise you’d never done before?
When was the last time you asked someone for advice?