Sister Power!

Over the last 8 weeks, sisters Dani and Steph, have been undergoing a high demanding program. Their work capacity and performance increased with positive outcomes from cutting the workout time from 45 minutes down below 40 minutes in 5 weeks.
With their strength increasing from Danni starting off goblet squatting 12kg for 12 reps, by the end of the 6 week program, she was pushing the 22kgs for 15 reps on her 4th and final set!
Same with Steph passing a surprise fitness test for her job application that required 5 squats, 30 second wall sit and plank, 10 push ups and 3 deadlifts. To which she claimed was ‘super easy’.
With these new adaptations, we are currently focusing on strength output, with a sprinkle of conditioning to continue improving their work capacity. Recently, both sisters had hit their best trap bar deadlift of 75kg for 5 reps, an outstanding effort from where they began in their training.
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