Tattoo Rookie Discusses Tattoo Regulars

With 10am fast approaching, I’m running in, barely on time, for another day of work. Though it generally starts the same; setting up for the artists and the daily coffee run, you can never predict the stories that will walk through the door. And I’m sure my mentor, and owner of ‘Sash Tattoo’, Sash Trajkovski, has heard it all with his nearly 30 years in the business, though every now and then even he is stunned.

Starting in Macedonia 1993 and opening the first studio in the country, he moved to Australia in 1998 to work at ‘Wicked Ink’ in Penrith for the next 20 years. During this time, he built an amazing portfolio of work and a loyal client-base to match, following him 60kms down the road to Beverly Hills. The opening of the blinged-out, neon-lit studio we know and love in 2019 also created diversity amongst the local community and businesses that reside within the George’s River area.

I have a much more recent experience with the tattoo world, with my apprenticeship having only started in February with my decision to try something I would love instead of settling for the responsible office jobs I’ve spent the last few years studying and interning for. Though I was thrilled to be lucky enough to join the next generation to propel the tattoo industry and provide my own flare to the scene, my traditional Serbian family were shocked! Despite this, my early support came in an unusual form, with my baba (grandmother) allowing me the privilege of her first tattoo at her youthful and undisclosed age.

Currently being the home of three permanent artists and myself, I feel truly blessed to start my tattooing career in what I’ve aptly named ‘The Versace of Tattoo Studios’, (if you’ve ever visited you can’t contest). From the glitter-flaked marble floor, to the Baroque furnishings and constant replays of ‘Scarface’ on the TV, what more could someone ask for in a tattoo experience.

Specialising in black and grey realism, the artists at ‘Sash Tattoo’ keep up with all the hottest trends, often tattooing Chicano imagery alongside The Lord and Saviours of various cultures and religions. Regardless, no style is un-tattooable as our experienced artists love challenges and will happily smash through any thrown at them.

For myself, it’s all I could ask for in a job; variety, creativity and a supportive work environment. The age-old saying “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” has truly been a reality for myself and the rest of the staff at Sash Tattoo. We also have unofficial therapist qualifications so you’re free to spill your deepest and darkest to us and leave more calm and complete; in mind, soul and body suit.

If you still aren’t convinced, you’re welcome to pay us a visit at 472 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills – maybe get some fresh ink too.

Jelena Tabakovic,

The Tattoo Apprentice.