Wonder Mum – Live Well case study

Let’s aim for 3…….
That was Susan’s goal after lockdown. Susan working mum of 3 kids, now does a casual 10 as a warm up on the light day, heavy day includes adding weight.
Make no mistake though, this just didn’t happen overnight. Susan committed to the lifestyle and focused on getting stronger over months to make this happen.
Now the myth of women lifting heavy weights and getting bulky will always linger, but when Susan starting eating more to increase her strength there was a reduction on the scales as well as a decrease in cm’s across all measurements.
It’s a proud moment for all coaches to see the members of Live Well reach their goals, it’s an even greater moment when we witness them crush it.
If you or someone you know resonate with Susan let the team at Live Well help get you started by calling 9587 4100, messaging us via FB or texting your name and ‘strong’ to 0410 482 730.
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