Alex’s Journey

Alex initially entered Live Well to gain an understanding of exercise and a flame to kick start his fitness journey. He wanted to lower his cholesterol, loose his stomach fat, and maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle.
In conjunction with his shift work and nocturnal working hours, we had to find a balance between recovery, functionally, and just feeling good!
After 3 months at Live Well – training twice a week, he can confidently say he feels great! Additionally, he understands how his body moves, especially on the gym floor. The combination of cardiorespiratory exercise to prepare his heart and lungs; and strength training with time under tension to prepare his muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the acclimation period has assisted in how Alex functions in and out of the gym.
The progressive overload approach was utilised in order to allow room for optimal growth and reduce the risk of injury. It’s not always about what the results say on paper, but the exercise and nutrition education that will stick around forever.
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Bin Trim – Good for business and the environment

Bin Trim is helping businesses take the hassle out of waste. Access free advice that may save you time and money.

Independent Bin Trim assessors are offering  free waste assessments.  To find your nearest assessor, visit


NSW businesses send more than 1.8 million tonnes of business waste to landfill each year. From cardboard, paper and plastic through food waste – much of this ends up in the general waste bin, when more than 70% could be reused or recycled.

Bin Trim offers businesses a 50% rebate on recycling equipment. Minimising waste and maximising recycling never made more sense. Bin Trim. It’s a win-win. no matter what business you’re in.

Bin Trim is run by the NSW EPA as part of the Waste Less, Recycle more initiative.

To find our more, visit






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Staying up to date and COVID Safe

How often are you reviewing your COVID safety plan?

Did you know that Gyms and hospitality venues such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes need a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal as part of their safety plan?

Stay up to date with any changes to covid safe protocols and avoid being fined.


Stay up to date click here

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Celebrate Shop Local and Win

Do you want to participate in the Shop Local Promotion and help drive our local economy?

Your customers get chance to win $100 gift voucher from a local business for simply spending $30 in your store each week for 12 weeks.

If  your business has the most customer entries you win a $400 EFTPOS gift card.

For more information on how your business can participate please email




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TAFE Small Business Month Events

Join TAFE NSW and industry Small Business experts from

Service NSW
Sydney School of Entrepreneurship


Apprenticeship Support Australia

for free, live, interactive sessions to help you understand and better use resources available to your business, access trainees to sustainably grow your workforce and explore creative practices to thrive in fast-moving times.

Register for Traineeships and sustainable staffing for small businesses workshops
Register for Creative problem solving and future proofing your business workshop
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Watch now: Mental wellbeing and resilience with Silvia de Ridder

This Mental wellbeing and resilience webinar is a short, yet powerful session, Silvia will give you some great tips to help you find balance and cope with the most stressful situations.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is resilience and why does it matter?
  • Understanding the elements that make up resilience
  • Provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and learn from each other

About Silvia
Silvia de Ridder is a well-respected business, executive, organisational coach, facilitator and trainer. Silvia works at all levels of an organisation ranging from business owners, senior executives, new managers, individuals and teams.  Silvia is an accredited practitioner in emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing and works with businesses, individuals and team supporting them to be at their best.


THE most powerful conversations are the ones we have in our head each and every day.

I’m scared.
I don’t want to do this.
This is too hard.
I am a strong and confident.
I embrace hard things because they make me better and stronger everyday!
I love solving problems!
THE most powerful conversations are the ones we have in our head each and every day.
And when you’re not waking up with enthusiasm, then this IS a huge opportunity in personal growth for you.
Look, I KNOW the challenges in life can be scary.
But I also know that you must have courage, faith, belief and attack your fears to grow.
Where should you begin?
Start with the way you talk to yourself each day.
Here’s the equation:
Programming → Beliefs → Attitudes → Emotions → Actions → Results.
Where are you getting stuck?
Where do you need to fix the input to produce a better output?
Most people get stuck in either
A) negative attitude
B) processing difficult emotions. This clouds their judgement and holds them back from taking the action required to move forward.
When that’s the case, back up, take a deep breath…
fix your programming…
build up your beliefs…
and you’ll soon find yourself smashing through walls that once held you back.
Keep moving forward!
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Watch now: Social & Economic Trends with Mark McCrindle

If you missed the webinar on Social and Economic Trends presented by the well respected social researcher and futurist Mark McCrindle, you can now watch it at your own leisure.

This webinar covers the current economic and social climate and how it will impact the future of small business. Mark explains Australia’s trends, the impact of COVID-19 and how this will shape our future in addition to answering questions from our audience.


Congratulations to our Quarter Three Huddle Champ

Congratulations to Ash who was our Quarter Three Huddle Champ and took home a Rebel Gift Voucher.
In the last 3 months Ash has:
-Lost 3.3kg
-Dropped 4.5cm of her waist
-Reduced body fat around the stomach, arms and upper back
Ash has committed to the lifestyle and incorporated resistance training into her weekly workouts and the results are showing!
If you or someone you know resonate with Ash give the team at Live Well a call on 9587 4100 or text ‘ready to commit’ to 0410 482 730 and let us help you get started.

Work Wear for your business


Strictly workwear has been servicing and supplying individuals, small businesses and company’s with all their work and uniform requirements for over 42yrs. We have vast knowledge and experience in providing information to enable you to make the right decision in choosing the best options for your requirements. We also provide embroidery and screen printing at very competitive prices and more than reasonable turnaround times.