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The time is now: GO ELECTRIC

The NSW Government is incentivising the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) for fleets to fast-track the transition to net zero emissions.  This incentive will be available to businesses and not-for-profit organisations to reduce the costs of buying new EVs and charging stations for their fleets.

The NSW Government is now inviting fleets to register their interest to receive updates.


2020 Male Client of the Year

Andrew has been nothing but amazing!Throughout the Covid-19 period when gyms were closed, Andrew trained at the park twice a week, in the dark, cold, and wet – barely missing a session. Despite tough times and challenges, Andrew never fails to prevail, going from pain in the knees and lower back to balanced leg development and improved balance and stability. His words – I never realised I had this muscle (hamstrings)!

From not being able to run (due to knee pain) to running in the park, doing exercises that focus on metabolic and cardiorespiratory fitness when equipment was not readily available. Breaking out of the comfort zone and going above and beyond.
He has not only loss weight and gain strength, but feels a whole lot healthier. We all know consistency is hard, so to keep consistent and rise above is exceptional. Training with Andrew, we worked on balance and leg dexterity, which has reduced fall risk and further extends to his water/snow skiing capabilities. Additionally, Andrew went from doing no chin-ups, to doing 4 with plenty more in the tank.

City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council

COVID Safe update: Mandatory electronic check in

On 23 November, electronic check-in systems, such as a QR code or web form, that record customers’ names and contact information became mandatory for most businesses in NSW.

All businesses who have registered as COVID Safe with NSW Government have access to the free COVID Safe Check-in which allows customers to check-in via a QR code through the Service NSW app.

To find out more about the COVID Safe Check-in and how to register your business please click button below.

Tattoo Studio - Sash Tattoo

Pushing the Limit

Nothing beats the feeling of a new day at work where I’m about to attempt a tattoo concept I haven’t done before or do a custom tattoo that I designed. The mixture of excitement coupled with stress is exhilarating. I’ve never minded a challenge and I don’t like to lose so failure really isn’t an option. What‘s the point of a comfort zone anyway if I’m not doing my best to broaden the scope? And when I do finally succeed it is one belonging not only to me, but my client for the art they must wear eternally, and my mentor and the knowledge and experience gifted to me.

Jelena Tabakovic




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I am a true believer age means nothing!

It’s just a number that creates limitations in our mind that then reflects on to our body and the way we live our life.
Yesterday Bella celebrated her birthday and there were close to ninety candles on the cake.
However this hasn’t stopped her from continuing to build her strength and fitness.
So she can keep doing the things she loves with confidence.
Happy birthday Bella ?
If you have an ageing parent and need help getting them moving to better their longevity, message or call 0410 482 730 and one of friendly coaches can help.

Wonder Mum – Live Well case study

Let’s aim for 3…….
That was Susan’s goal after lockdown. Susan working mum of 3 kids, now does a casual 10 as a warm up on the light day, heavy day includes adding weight.
Make no mistake though, this just didn’t happen overnight. Susan committed to the lifestyle and focused on getting stronger over months to make this happen.
Now the myth of women lifting heavy weights and getting bulky will always linger, but when Susan starting eating more to increase her strength there was a reduction on the scales as well as a decrease in cm’s across all measurements.
It’s a proud moment for all coaches to see the members of Live Well reach their goals, it’s an even greater moment when we witness them crush it.
If you or someone you know resonate with Susan let the team at Live Well help get you started by calling 9587 4100, messaging us via FB or texting your name and ‘strong’ to 0410 482 730.
City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council
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Watch now: The new normal for Business – 2020 and Beyond with Trevor Weeding from Development Pathways

Trevor Weeding has a successful history in building long term relationships with his clients. “Customer Service” – sounds cool and even easy, but it’s often the area where both potential new business and existing customers are lost.  Watch Trevor’s webinar as he shares his secrets for customer service success.

City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council

Watch now:  Cash Flow – The fundamentals for business success with Tony Baddour

Without the fundamentals of basic cash flow management, can almost guarantee that a business is setting up to fail. Tony has a talent for helping businesses understand their core financial needs to help better manage cash flow and inevitably better plan for success.

Watch this webinar and apply the learnings  to your business.

Sole Trader - KOALA POWER

The new KOALA POWER well-forgotten old Buber Mechanics company in Hurstville again!

Our clients remember us and we are glad to meet them again with our renewed roster! We are a high-tech auto repair shop that solves the most difficult problems with any cars, we revive vintage cars and the most modern ones. Our service is simple and convenient. We have a Courtesy car for our clients and great waiting areas inside and outside our amazing workshop. We speak three languages English German and Russian know a little Greek and Turkish and even try to learn Chinese. We are available 24/7 and will never leave you in trouble.

Administration Manager - Endeavour Liquid Waste

Grease Trap Experts & Liquid Waste Removal : Look Local

Endeavour Liquid Waste is an Australian owned and operated business based in Peakhurst with over 40 years’ experience in the removal and disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste.  We service a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Customers include hospitality venues and restaurants, education facilities, health and aged care sites, food and beverage manufacturers, automotive businesses and marine services.  Our team are knowledgeable, experienced professionals, and Endeavour Liquid Waste is a recognised Sydney Water Transporter for trade waste and hold relevant EPA and licences needed to do the job right.  We are the first call for many Strata and Facilities Managers, Plumbers and Construction organisations to assist them with liquid waste requirements.

Look Local :  if you have grease traps to service, oil/water separator units to empty, or septic or storm water pits to take care of.  If you are unfortunate to have that unexpected overflow – call 0417 321 353 for emergency service.  Or call during business hours on 9534 7201 for advice.

It’s certainly been a turbulent year for all so lets look local and support each other’s businesses where we can.