And breathe…


Wow! What a year! A global pandemic, who saw that coming…?

Despite all this 2020 has still been highly successful. We have seen clients reach milestones, achieve monumental goals, and we have welcomed more fantastic people into our fabulous community.

Our community, where do we start….you are all amazing!

Your unwavering faith in us has helped make 2020 a truly memorable year.

With the Live Well community in our corner we knew we would bounce back and be stronger than ever post lockdown.

“Together we are more” has never been more evident than it has been in the last 12 months.

So from our Live Well family to you and yours; thank you for everything, enjoy your holidays season, look after yourselves and each other, be safe and be kind.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Love from Team Live Well

Always finding ways to better support our community

Each month the Live Well team invite a health and fitness expert to our team meeting to educate us on how to better support our community.
This month we were lucky to have Mindfulness Coach Adrian Spears come in and discuss how to better support the community with mental health issues and advanced goal setting.
Adrian treats people face to face and virtual and specialises in depression, addictions, relationships, anger/stress management, anxiety loss and grief.
City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council

Participate in UWS Research to Understand the Impacts of the Pandemic on Businesses

Dr Kathy Tannous and researchers at Western Sydney University School of Business are launching a project to understand the experiences and impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses in the Western and Sydney regions and your business is invited to participate.

The survey takes less than 20 minutes and you will have access to a unique report with your results to thank you for participating.

With the data collected, we can better understand how the pandemic has impacted different businesses, both individually and collectively, and ensure we know what is needed to continue the recovery process into the future.

Please share with any other business you know that may want to access their free, individualised business report and contribute to our shared understanding of the true extent of the impacts experienced by businesses during this historic and challenging period.

To participate, please follow this link to our survey:

By sharing a few details of your own business experience you can contribute to the creation of meaningful information so that we can help more businesses to succeed.

Live Well case study: Pregnancy & Training

When I fell pregnant I was initially hesitant about continuing my training…
My goals were to improve my overall strength and lose some centimetres off my midsection, which I was able to achieve with weekly PT sessions.
When I fell pregnant I was initially hesitant about continuing my training, but Chris was very reassuring and was able to tailor my programs to suit each stage of my pregnancy, and was really guided by my changing needs and capabilities each session.
Chris knew that I would need to support my growing belly, but also to prepare my body for breastfeeding, holding a baby, and juggling a pram, baby and shopping at the same time!
As I’m notoriously lazy, none of my friends could believe I was still training while pregnant, and even I surprised myself training up until 37 weeks! That in itself is a testament to how much I enjoy my sessions!
Taking care of one’s physical and mental health is so vital as a new mum, so once I got into a bit of a routine with my baby, and after lockdown, I was happy to get back to the gym six months postpartum. The Live Well team consistently go above and beyond to help their members achieve their goals, and the community is so encouraging and friendly.
Managing Director - Intraversed Pty Ltd

Give the gift of reading this Christmas!

As you wrack your brain for ideas on the perfect gift for the person who has everything, consider these book-gifting cards from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The ILF have selected a range of cards displaying artwork by indigenous kids. Purchase one of the pre-set dollar amount gifts and receive a card to give to the recipient of this gift.

The ILF will donate culturally relevant books to indigenous communities throughout the country.

As proud supporters of the ILF, we encourage everyone to give generously to charities helping those in need this Christmas. We believe that every Aussie kid should have access to what they need to succeed, and literacy is foundational to any success.

Purchase ILF Reading Gift Cards Here

City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council

The time is now: GO ELECTRIC

The NSW Government is incentivising the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) for fleets to fast-track the transition to net zero emissions.  This incentive will be available to businesses and not-for-profit organisations to reduce the costs of buying new EVs and charging stations for their fleets.

The NSW Government is now inviting fleets to register their interest to receive updates.


2020 Male Client of the Year

Andrew has been nothing but amazing!Throughout the Covid-19 period when gyms were closed, Andrew trained at the park twice a week, in the dark, cold, and wet – barely missing a session. Despite tough times and challenges, Andrew never fails to prevail, going from pain in the knees and lower back to balanced leg development and improved balance and stability. His words – I never realised I had this muscle (hamstrings)!

From not being able to run (due to knee pain) to running in the park, doing exercises that focus on metabolic and cardiorespiratory fitness when equipment was not readily available. Breaking out of the comfort zone and going above and beyond.
He has not only loss weight and gain strength, but feels a whole lot healthier. We all know consistency is hard, so to keep consistent and rise above is exceptional. Training with Andrew, we worked on balance and leg dexterity, which has reduced fall risk and further extends to his water/snow skiing capabilities. Additionally, Andrew went from doing no chin-ups, to doing 4 with plenty more in the tank.

City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council

COVID Safe update: Mandatory electronic check in

On 23 November, electronic check-in systems, such as a QR code or web form, that record customers’ names and contact information became mandatory for most businesses in NSW.

All businesses who have registered as COVID Safe with NSW Government have access to the free COVID Safe Check-in which allows customers to check-in via a QR code through the Service NSW app.

To find out more about the COVID Safe Check-in and how to register your business please click button below.

Tattoo Studio - Sash Tattoo

Pushing the Limit

Nothing beats the feeling of a new day at work where I’m about to attempt a tattoo concept I haven’t done before or do a custom tattoo that I designed. The mixture of excitement coupled with stress is exhilarating. I’ve never minded a challenge and I don’t like to lose so failure really isn’t an option. What‘s the point of a comfort zone anyway if I’m not doing my best to broaden the scope? And when I do finally succeed it is one belonging not only to me, but my client for the art they must wear eternally, and my mentor and the knowledge and experience gifted to me.

Jelena Tabakovic




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I am a true believer age means nothing!

It’s just a number that creates limitations in our mind that then reflects on to our body and the way we live our life.
Yesterday Bella celebrated her birthday and there were close to ninety candles on the cake.
However this hasn’t stopped her from continuing to build her strength and fitness.
So she can keep doing the things she loves with confidence.
Happy birthday Bella ?
If you have an ageing parent and need help getting them moving to better their longevity, message or call 0410 482 730 and one of friendly coaches can help.