City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council

Register your business for procurement opportunities with Georges River Council

Georges River Council is interested in creating working relationships with local business.

Please register your business in the GRC local supplier platform by clicking on below link:

The most reliable way of being notified of an opportunity for your business to provide goods and services is to register on the Georges River Council e-Tendering site

You can find more information about Council’s tendering policies and procedures at,-Policies-and-Registers

Some other useful organisations,  Council partners with and recommends you are register your business with are;

Procurement Australia –

If you have any questions, please email

Seeking our next passionate coach to join the team

Our growing personal and small group training business located in Kogarah is seeking our next passionate coach to join the team.
For 15 years Live Well has been an independent personal training studio in the St George area and has thrived in the competitive fitness industry through our coach mentoring and retention program.
Our vision is to create a positive movement in the community by helping our members be happy, healthy role models.
Live Well will provide a retainer for the first 12-weeks of your initial employment allowing you to build up your roster and learn how to succeed as a coach through our mentoring program. After the initial 12-week period you will be on an hourly rate and no need to stress about paying rent.
If you think this role is for you, please visit;
Business, Organisational, Executive Coach, Trainer and Professional Facilitator - Unconscious Potential Pty Ltd


Would you like to be part of a confidential dynamic forum for small and medium business owners?

The SME Business Owner Circle is a place where individual business challenges/opportunities/goals are presented and with the support of the group, business owners are able to get perspective from which to make wiser decisions, shorten the learning curve and take action positively impacting on their business and leadership. The SME Owner Circle draws on the experience of like-minded peers from non-competing organisations and offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a small group setting.

  • Online monthly meetings – 2 x 90-minute sessions
  • Initial 6-month program
  • Experienced professional facilitation using a proven structured approach

To learn more or register your interest to be part of a circle, contact Silvia

I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and understand your needs  to ensure you get the best return on your investment.     

M: 0402851378 or e:

Keep Fit In The Glorious 80s Club

Meet Kevin, you probably already know him, as he knows everyone (no joke)
He’s in the glorious 80s club and continues to go from strength to strength ? Deadlifting 60kg (5×5).
In his club the biggest set back is falls.
As you can see in this video he’s working on his balance so he can keep doing the things he loves and keep rocking on towards the 90s club and beyond ?
If you know someone in their 80s and want to see them rock on like Kevin contact us at 0410 482 730 or

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Celebrating our national day this weekend with a special three course menu.

Celebrating our national day this weekend ?? with a special three-course menu. Please make your reservation by 21/1/21. See you this weekend ? #australiaday #weekendspecial #3coursemeal #aussie #happyaustraliaday #bojio #dontsaybojio #oatley #cafeinoatley #specialmenu #australiadayspecial

Looking for a fun and safe environment for your kids to learn about exercise?

Live Well offers Junior Small Group Training for primary and high school students.

We accept ‘active kids vouchers!’

For more information Call 9587 4100 or sms your name to 0410482730.


Managing Director - Intraversed Pty Ltd

A great podcast for couples in business together

We recently had the honour of being featured on an episode of the Business Couples Secret Sauce podcast. Hosts Marcus Nicholls and Ariel Endean interviewed Terry and me about how we juggle being married and running a business together.

We had a great time during the interview and have a great respect for the work Marcus and Ariel are doing, both with this podcast and their broader business endeavours at

Why not jump over there and have a listen to our episode of the podcast, or any other one that takes your fancy.

If you know any couples in business who you think would be great guests for the podcast, please contact Marcus and Ariel, via their website

Mark Atkins
Intraversed Pty Ltd

City Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Officer - Georges River Council

Guidance for businesses with linked COVID-19 cases

Follow the link to find out what you need to do if a COVID-19 case has been linked to your business or organisation.

Covid Guidance for Businesses Link


Welcome to 2021!

A new year, full of new opportunities.

What does 2021 have in store for you?

What are your goals? Your resolutions? Your aspirations?

Is this the year you make your health a priority?

Whatever 2021 has in store for you I wish you all best! Good luck!

Granted no matter what your goal or resolution there will be setbacks and obstacles along the way, but as Dori would say “just keep swimming.” Remember the tough times won’t last, but tough people will. Keep pushing forward and you will come out stronger the other side.
Some of you may already have started or already be on your health and fitness journey, for other maybe you haven’t started yet; to those of you who are in the later group I say this….

To read more click below

Developing strength at any age – another great case study

Here is Greg who celebrated his 70th birthday only a couple of weeks ago. Here are some exercises that we have been working on over the past year and he has shown significant progress. Highlights include a 100kg Deadlift, BW Chin Ups for 4 reps and full range Front Foot Elevated Split Squats.
Do not underestimate what you can still achieve in the gym even as you grow older – with the right attitude and consistency you can also be as strong as Greg. Being strong has so many benefits and can set you up for a more fulfilling life over time!
If you like what you see here, give us a call us on 9587 4100 and one of our coaches will get in touch with you to discuss how you can begin your journey too.