Lifting weights can improve your aesthetic goals

Jenni & Ash are a prime example of how lifting weights can improve your aesthetic goals as discussed in our latest blog by Coach Allan.
Over the last 8 weeks consistent strength training coupled with a conscious approach to nutrition habits has seen Jenni maintain her weight and lose centimetres off her waist and belly button as well as dropping body fat and Ash drop 2.5kg and 3.5cm off her waist.
Building strong, consistent long term habits is the key, and being held accountable by those around you plays an important role in the success you will have. By teaming up with like-minded people the road is still hard, but made that little bit more enjoyable.
If you or someone you know resonate with Jenni & Ash give the team at Live Well a call on 0410 482 730 and let us help get you moving to a happier and healthier life.
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