Life In Lockdown

In March 2020 Australia went into lockdown, businesses were shut down, ours included and we had to adapt, so we took our members online or outdoors. It seems so long ago now, and not only did we survive it, but we thrived and came out stronger.
Fast forward to July 2021 and we are back in lockdown but this time things are a little different, I can’t leave my area as it has been labelled a hotspot, which becomes a problem due to the fact Live Well is in a different local government area (LGA).

To read more of Coach Chris’s blog while in hard lockdown click below.

“Every decision we make and don’t make leads you to the point you are at now and waiting for the best time may never come and an opportunity is lost. Make a move that will lead you towards the direction you want to be in a year from now and you won’t regret it.”

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