“Call us awesome, brave, legends or just downright crazy”

On Sunday 4 brave individuals and I hiked the Otford to Bundeena Coastal track. A 27km beautiful walk through the Royal National Park. However, Sunday’s weather was anything but beautiful… Mother Nature showed no mercy! The walk alone is a massive challenge, and with constant rain and strong winds, it made it even more of a battle. I use the hike as a training/test hike for when we organise group hikes around Australia or various parts of the world. I always say
“if you can do the Coastal walk you can complete the upcoming hike.” This is not just physically but mentally.

The hike on Sunday we had already postponed twice this year due to bad weather or the recent lockdown. I was determined or some would say stubborn to do it, no matter what!
One of the members, Melodie that completed it summed it up,
“Call us awesome, brave, legends or just downright crazy”

What have you achieved in the past that required you to be stubborn, brave, or crazy..?

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