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raefConsulting is a professional services, strategic consultancy that combines a listen-first, pragmatic approach, fully tailored to each client’s unique attributes and challenges.

'raef' of raefConsulting is an anagram for fear. Why? Because it is the central most profound issue that adversely affects people and businesses. However, when you reverse the spelling, it takes on a completely different meaning: compassion and kind -- paradoxically, businesses working together, collectively, can make a real, lasting difference in their respective communities, while pursuing bottomline and purpose simultaneously.

Owner and Principal Consultant, Christopher Wilborn, is passionate about people and perpetual growth, and knows how to get things done working in partnership with his clients. Through his rich, diverse background working across sectors and internationally, Christopher places the people and organisations he serves at the heart of his consultancy.


20 719 699 036

Key Contacts

Christopher Wilborn - Principal Consultant & Owner