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I started Live Well in 2006 in Rockdale, in a small commercial space. After 2 years Live Well outgrew the space and I purchased a factory unit in Kogarah.
Over the years we have experienced the fitness industry change a lot in the local community. With all the low cost 24hr gyms, franchise personal training studio’s, and functional group class facilities, I have seen more and more independent fitness facilities sadly close.
Live Well has managed to survive due to their personal family community approach.
The personal training style and non-intimidating training environment has allowed Live Well to attract clients with special needs and develop strong relationships with Calvary hospital and local doctors.
- Our clients come to us having low self-esteem and confidence, and are looking to lose 20kgs (sometimes more) due to health scares.
- We run two Type 2 diabetes classes per week.
- We run 3 Parkinson’s classes per week.

The change in the industry has really encouraged us to reflect on what matters to the team at Live Well and what we want to bring to the community.
Over the years we have developed our core values and we believe if you know our core values then you will know us. If you live with these, then chances are that good will come to you too.
Personal service: We believe everyone’s health and fitness is personal, so is our service.
Make a difference: We are committed to giving back and making a difference.
Results: We are committed to providing the best results for the people we serve through mentoring and coaching.
Faith: We believe success begins with taking the leap of faith and being responsible for your actions and results.
Community: We believe in community - together we are more.
Our main purpose is to help people improve their quality of life through health and fitness.
Live Well also organises many charity events, and to date we have raised over $200, 000 for local charities. In addition to theses events, myself, and members of the community


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