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Join your business and become a Buy Local Stay Local Business Advocate Today!
The 'Buy Local, Stay Local' initiative aims to help Local Business within the Georges River and Bayside areas to promote their products and services, and encourages the local community to support small businesses. By going local, small businesses can grow their business, create local jobs and help their community.

Join the Team
Be part of the new procurement campaign across your local area
Bring in potential new customers to familiarise them with your offerings. A great marketing tool for your business.
Its local #buylocalstaylocal it is encouraging the local community and business to unite together.
Its meaningful, fun and gets people talking and connecting together

St George Business Chamber will support you!
We have created the buy local campaign to help and support you with ...
For your shop – we have created a vinyl shopfront sticker so customers can find you
#buylocalstaylocal – social media campaign to build support and business community involvement.
Advertising tool kit such as posters, stickers, shop front branding
Media support – with our local radio host station, local newspaper and many more
Stay connected
To stay up to date and help grow the Local community:

Use and follow #buylocalstaylocal to share and like Buy Local stay local stories on social media
Follow St George Business Chamber on Instagram or Facebook
Contact your local community organisations and other businesses to explore Buy Local partnerships

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