Returning to the workplace as Covid19 restrictions ease.

Did your teams work from home in 2020 and are expected to come back to the office now?

How are your staff coping with the return to the office environment?

There will be those who missed having colleagues around were itching to get back to an office environment.
There will be those who just don’t care either way (“Work is work and let’s get the job done”)

Some employees though will have genuine concerns.
– They may have liked working at home and simply don’t want to come back. Some of these employers may leave if they are made to come back to the office.
– Others will have genuine concerns about returning to a workplace where they are not convinced that they will be safe.

The legislation around this topic is – surprise, surprise – not black & white. Small business, in particular, should seek advice, as there’s unlikely to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

This article, from the AHRI discusses the issue in detail.

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