Knowing your customers – current and prospective – is vital to your business’ success.

Recently, I posted a video on LinkedIn, emphasising the importance of knowing your customers


What you need to know about them will vary from business to business, but there are a few key points that every business should know BEFORE you even open your doors.

Here’s an example of just one of those:

Take a look at the following charts, from the 2016 Census. First, Blue Mountains LGA:

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And now, the same data for the Georges River LGA (the former Hurstville and Kogarah Council areas):

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Now, let’s assume that you were starting a service or professional business – especially a medical or allied health practice, or any sort of repair/maintenance business. If you opened up in the Georges River LGA, my advice would be that having someone fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese would be a great asset to your team, A little bit of further research would tell you that the Greek and Arabic speaking community are an older demographic in this region and that the Nepali speaking community is growing – and this data is already 4 years old, remember.

So, when we talk about making the right staffing decisions for your business, it’s not just about casual V permanent. part-time V full-time, outsourced V inhouse. It begins with any consultant or advisor knowing as much about your customers as you do. And, if you don’t know enough, helping you to increase your knowledge.

If you would like to discuss your staffing plans, whether your business is still in the planning stage or already established, send me a message here or via and I’ll be pleased to have an obligation free chat with you.