Eating Out In The Burbs

Acquiring a run-down, closed-down cafe in the middle of a bush park, with no adjacent parking, in the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic seemed like a crazy idea to most at the time. But we were genuinely excited by the idea!

Living in the immediate vicinity for the 12 years prior we had called this little hidden gem in Carss Bush Park our local cafe. With its stunning bayside location, nestled amongst the beauty of the ancient trees, this was the ultimate tree and sea scape for my family and a few other lucky locals. But my wife and I saw the potential for the cafe/kiosk to offer so much more.

With strict NSW government covid laws in place, including social distancing, restrictions on numbers of patrons, attendance registers and extensive sanitation requirements, owning and operating a food business suddenly became a lot tougher and had so many more hurdles to overcome.

The onset of covid-19 throughout most of the known world had debilitating consequences: financially, socially, psychologically and even politically. Those effects continue today, in some places more than others.

Only today has the NSW government relaxed the last tranche of covid restrictions on the Sydney CBD. Hopefully this will give the surviving CBD businesses a fighting chance of picking up the broken pieces and rebuilding their businesses sooner rather than later. Because behind most small businesses are 1 or 2 families who have put it all on the line.

Call it luck, call it intuition or even foresight, my family’s acquisition of that humble suburban cafe in the middle of a pandemic was one of the best business decisions we ever made . For the past 7 months or so we have had the good fortune to be able to build a great business whilst serving thousands of satisfied locals and visitors bespoke coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner (on Fridays and Saturdays). We regularly survey and consult with our customers to continuously improve and enliven our food offerings. The collaboration has been great and I believe what makes it even better is that my family is heavily involved in the business and are on a first name basis with many of our beloved and loyal locals.