WaterFix® Small Business pilot offer

Sydney Water is re-starting its subsidized water efficiency service for our small business customers. Our goal is to help small businesses save water and reduce the water and wastewater usage charges.


WaterFix® Small Business pilot offer

We are offering a limited number of customers who participate in our pilot program a subsidy of up to $1,000. This subsidy includes a call out and water efficiency assessment valued at $110, as well as works completed by us that result in water savings, such as:

  • Leak repairs
  • Installation of WELS star rated aeration devices
  • WELS 4-star rated showerhead replacements
  • WELS rated tap replacements
  • Installation of water efficient pre-rinse spray valves
  • Toilet repairs and replacements


The service

At the first appointment, our plumbers will complete a water efficiency assessment for your business, check the fixtures and devices for leaks and water efficiency.

Depending on the findings, they may offer to complete the above works on the day or return for a subsequent appointment. To sign up email [email protected]