Good to be here


Its has been quite the 18 months. For video production business like mine work came to a crashing halt in March 2020. That month I was gearing up to film Anzac Day, traveling to Canberra to visit new clients, filming in hospitals and filming in conferences; all of which ceased.

Video production is a face to face business; sure you can make use of stock footage, but if you really want to sell YOUR business people need to see YOU and your product. COVID showed us the benefit of video with the rise of  ZOOM meetings.

Now, we rise again, but for may like myself it is like starting from scratch.  To this end I have raised my game on freelancing websites and created my business profile on Georges River Business platform.

So far so good! The business profile only started today but in recent weeks I have made videos for “A Microsoft Award Pitch”, a CEO presentation for overseas conference, and a Facebook video for a hair salon.

Let’s rise together, we’ll get there. If video can help your business, I would be delighted to hear from you.